Upon her knees,
All dressed in black,
Folded hands in silent prayer,
Oh Heavenly Father,
Why most I wait,
Did I not please you well upon my cross,
As you punished me for my sinful neglects,
Was my screams not pleasure enough,
As you pierced my tender breast,
Which brought me such delight,
How much more must I beg,
As you strike my inner thigh with your crop,
Bringing a saintly scream from my wanting lips,
Oh Heavenly Father I have sinned,
Please punish me again,
A pawn this alter I will lay for you,
Let me feel your hands upon my throat,
As you take me a your sacrifice,
I will say ten hail Mary's for thee,
If you make me scream all night,
Spare me not the rod or the whip,
Bring me to the heavenly gates,
Let me be your sinner tonight,
And when we wake I'll be your saint.

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wow brings memories back 

Hopefully good memories 

lets just say that one time has stuck with me for ever I call it the redemption beating

ty for the comment & reminding me I need to write more it's been awhile

This is lucid and well written...you always have such a way with words for that sorta thing Andrew!




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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