Let us make new of the swirling mists

The raven heart, the druidess

Who walks in shadow near and far

And for whom the Bards sing a merry tune

The hills are his feet, he's swift with a bow

The winds his domain, the mist his stay

He nests his rhyme in the seas' foam

He's the poetic inspiration of Cerridwen

The oak proclaims his home______

His wine laughs in the mouths of strangers

Who banqueted in the Solstices

His bud did hatch, his flower did open

He picked the mistletoe for thee!

Crows warm themselves near his smoke

His blade reflects the stars

That escape the swirling mists of

The Druidess and the Bard!


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There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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