An endless display of degradation as our world spins in intricate dance of puppets and marionettes.

An endless masquerade but on a world stage,

Why have we allowed ourselves to become lab rats in some twisted freak experiment with brainwashed minds,

being led like lambs before the slaughter.

Can you not see through all the hate and lies,

Or have you become so blind and numb,

Reliant on the strings that now bind you,

In slaved to those that you find amusement and pleasure has they slowly bleed you dry,

Till you are nothing but an empty, broken,decaying vessel that no longer has a mind of it's own.

What a cerebral mind fuck our world has become,

A vivid nightmare that is spiraling out of control,

Filled with madness and despair,

Wannabe puppet masters who have no clue,

For they are just slaves to someone else,

What a tragic joke our world has become,

When will society wake up and see what they have now become?

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