The fish squished

like a blindfish

bumping into a

dogfish with a


The satellite dish

saw fish as if

it were knish

and began to


The starfish

squished in

the chafing dish

whilst the candles

blew with a whish

This caused...

double vision

in a field of vision

resulting in imprecision...

television with tunnelvision_

This cataclysm

caused criticism

of communism and

thrusts of globalism,

then gnosticism

The sword fish squished

while John Bullish

talked about pilot fish

warning not to overfish

like gifilte' fish

This fission

causing derision

of Parisian revision

a split-decision

of subdivision

John Bullism

became hypnotic

from jingoism,

thanked everyone

for his heroism

While the cock began to crow!



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What an elegant play on words, very playful and fun to read, makes this old bard want to pull out his quill and ink, but I think I'll settle for a different stage maybe a live stream poetry jam session coming soon, just an idea at the moment but could be fun for some friday nights if anyone would be game to play that is...

Thank you...I'm glad I'm an inspiration!




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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