Want is a symbol of desire. founded through unconditional love.

Expectation is conditional by nature. It belongs to a feeling akin to impatience because the outcome never changes.

In order to receive the results you wish for, you need to do one of two things.

1. Become the change you wish to see.

2. Support the change you wish to participate.

If you observe, but do not interact, you are what is called an expectation. If you expect to want something, or vice versa, you will find want expects you to want. This is why world leaders achieve what they want, not what they expect. Because the expectation is simply to want to achieve something through any means, or outcome. Instead of a specific goal to address no matter what.

There is nothing inherantly wrong with expectation or want. Both lead to a fulfilment of some sort. However it has been said that expectation is the new evil, and want, the new good. Because of the fact that you may not expect your want to manifest itself, until you know you can make it happen. If you expect too much of others who do not resonate with you, you are wanting them to change who they are to become what they do. this is a sign of greed and it is also a reason for evil to exist, because you start to become comfortable with demands without meaning. Hence the purpose of want, is to connect you with therefore, the cause you seek, to find the answer you believe. Not through expectation, but instead, through the result you actually hope for. It will become more than possible, you will bring it in to your reality in due time.

So, the moral of the story is. From start to finish, to want is to achieve. to expect is to comply. To desire is to seek. To love is to take pride. In the world you call your own, and the life you live which leads you home. When you allow nature to take it's course, you are fulfilling what you want. If you keep directing the universe to a certain outcome, you are expecting it to happen as you see fit. Conflict can only come of want and expectation, if both are trying to do the same job at once. Which is the reason why war exists in the first place. Peace, is the co existence of both in their own way throughout life itself.

a blessing is a need to fulfil what you dream to come true for you. May you want to expect this in abundance where ever you are, no matter what comes your way. Let it be that which you become acquainted with, the sign of sovereignty and wisdom among all. You are the answer.

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Again, a very good convo....I've studied the written word since middle school....what it takes to write a spell for instance are key ingredients, that is the steps it takes to accomplish this...your intention can be a whole hearted plea for something, if you will, but step back & examine this...when you write something down the words on paper don't get up & jump around or cross their legs in excitation for want...no they juss adroitly sit on your page, looking stunningly bored! The energy you are trying to convey may wear off from reader to reader...unless your an accomplished flamer...demanding the universe to take action with such discourse that yer anger or yadda will never wear off in a million years! Enyadda! Visualising can get your aim FAR into the future so make hay while the sun shines...Leaders have a driving force to go FORWARD...not sidereal, not backwards, but forward...yes, be sovereign over all you possess & use your writing tools as wands to DRAW things to you & in your favor but keep in mind whatever it may cost to rearrange fate juss fer you! Can you barge in & juss grab wut you want without any diplomacy or is a gentler approach needed using the VELVET GLOVE technique? Thinking beforehand can lead to a thousand possibilities..

I've often said there's no such thing as an opportunity, that's a man made choice. A fluke. What's real, is what is happening now. Hiding it won't change the fact that it's expected to happen on the off chance, it happens to you. as in winning the lottery.




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