How many altars do you have and how often do you cleanse and change them?  Do any of you have altars outside and do you have any portable altars that you keep with you and in your vehicle?

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Currently I have four permanent altars, two of which are charged every night the other two according to certain moon phases and other sacred calendar times. I often  have various temporary working altars going for assorted magickal operations as well. I have a very discreet out door one, only those in the know would recognize it for what it is !

I'll eventually have many more altars set up after I get my ritual room finished ( remodeling the entire third floor for it ) . With a household of nine cats one can only have so many restricted areas , and yes, they are getting their own Bast altar as well !

That's great.....I have one outside......I have a fence on both sides of my patio, so, my altar remains undisturbed except for the roaming cats who seem to be drawn to it, but, I don't really mind....cats are fun and magickal themselves...

Something about cats and altars ! The energy must draw them, mine come running anytime I'm using mine . My out door one, the local roamers love to knock off the votive candle.... its become an on going game with us - I set it up, they knock it off !

I do have seashells on my altar as well, and I notice some of them on the ground...I think the kids that roam around get fascinated with, that I have pots and pots of plants and statues, my seashells are left alone.....I do have a chair I keep outside and ever so often I'll peek outside and there will be a cat fast asleep in the chair.....

Oh I also have a sorta altar outside my front door....a couple of potted plants, rocks I found in the earth.....landscapers planted these odd looking plants around the area...I call them alien plants, but, work nicely as a hiding spot for the cats...




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