Two small identically sized mirrors

tealight candle (any candle is ok)

protection/reversing oil

personal concern (name, picture, hair, etc.) from person you wish affected

If you suspect that you or a loved one may have incoming negativity from ill-wishers of some variety.

1.  Take two mirrors with the reflective side facing outwards.

2.  Place personal concern (a hair or photo is ideal) for the person you wish to shield in-between the two mirrors on the non-reflective surfaces.

3.  Pray/say affirmations of protection and shielding over a tealight upon which you dress with protection or reversing oil.

4.  Set candle alight on top of the two mirrors.  As long as the candle burns, your shield will remain strong.

Voila!  A working that reflects away negativity before it reaches its target.  All with materials you probably had on hand already.

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Well thatz a simplified method!

Simplicity is the Scott Cunningham get too involved with all the right tools you then forget your intent and purpose..

very true-

That maybe so...I have one made by a fellow witch & you would not believe what an intricate snare it is in that it came from a true mechanical mind!




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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