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Ramblings of A Chaotic Mind "????"

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The Great American Deception "The American Dream"

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The New Faces of Sleeper Cells

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Truth Portal "The Great American Deception???"

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Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind "Open discussion on Trump plan to destroy LBJ's amendment "

Ok Before you judge me this has a potential to impact all of us and is why I am doing an open discuss on this topic. I would love to hear your views and ideas on this. As well as weigh all the pro's and con's and play a bit of devil's advocate as well with this topic...

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The Danger of Hiding behind our Secrets & Vow’s

Have you ever had that feeling of realization just hit you out of no where, to where it leaves you feeling numb and knowing that through choices things could have been different. For me this hit closer to home than most things  but not because of hiding but because the strong feeling that something needs said and addressed on this issue more now than ever. I thought after doing the book review for the magazine that this feeling would go away and the emotions with it,… Continue

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