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job things to do for interview

the universe says its time to take action , I'm excited its been over a year since I've had a job . i'm ready to go back to work . my dreams will start with this way of getting a job…


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woman vampires





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male vampires





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male vamipers


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i'm excited i'm gardening this year part one


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through time in space .

through time and space .

the day came where difference went away

healing came to stay,

changed everything .

the songs played over and over

and I saw more than then the broken  soul.

knowledge began to soar.

life I want more than ever before .

the awaking final woke me up .

 beauty fills my cup .

acceptance grows in my heart.

love for  my self made the start .

my soul is sing my own song .

love was me…


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finding me update

i believe our souls are always changing so its a good i deal to check in once in awhile . Last night when i saw the beauty in my soul for the first time i saw so much more from them words on poem . it took along time to come to place a lot of tears anger and pain. I'm a soul worker so it is easy to open doors with my healing . and some healing just falls into place like it did last night . it was a great self-esteem life changing gift I could ever give me . All my life felt i need to fix and…


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i'm so happy my weight loss story

I have lost 31 ibls in three months i'm so happy and excited because first month and a half I lost 11 this month in a half I already lost 14 ibls and I still have 12 days to go

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autumn romance

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do you remember the beaded curtions

I am so crafty I found a way to make a straw bead curtain 

its not finished because I need about 7 more packs of straws and a pack of ponie  beads .

this feels like the bead curtains 

you can turn the straws in pretty if you want by wrapping paper or fabric on them . I just went natural cause i'm a rainbow hippie lover .…


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In the shadowsof my mind

darkness has fallen on this gypsy heart.

Things are being showed in my mind that I can not control .

I know these things aren't me .

But they still effect me .

my heart grows week and my mind becomes a daze .

the shadow voice begin to play like a broken record.

My reason fades the fight or flight soars hi

I can't escape ,



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dam this roots

My roots came from you. I was born to you .

didn't you think of the price I'd have to pay to be your daughter.

These roots are planted deep .

Daddy do you know what your roots have done to me .

Every day I fight to breath and cheer up me .

Every day I'm chasing these bi-polar moods and the Dr's are cutting right through me with…


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i painted my nails and a message came love divination

Today I was checking my nail polish to see what was old I had not used it in long time . I played painting and designing my names in many colors I washed has much has I could of because I also designed a couple of fingers with roses . I'm no artist to remind you but I had a lot of fun. on the fist set I began to read a bit into the pictures that where being created .

Then I simple washed off has much has I could.

I got back on the computer decide to paint my nails again with…


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The ideal of lover under a texas sky is intise

Afternoon brake talks . The ones that get you excited about the night to come.

The long horse back rides where you bare your soul .

You tell your heart and dreams . how you wish to grow old with him .

He tells you… Continue

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the fool spirit doll


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what Sarah been saying to me

Her first words where I love the way your strong on living . you don't give it up . You try to inspiring your self all though there is not much in your life cause your waiting .

When she said this the song wild horses came to mind…


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my spirit dolls

wild fire opens my7 eyes to rebirth and see a new world of crafty and living , learning her name is wild flower and she loves butterflies

this doll is me crystals personality the first one I did I used white material and hand… Continue

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self love

Fire in my heart

my soul confused .

life a bitch

my long lost passionate kisses haunting my very vibe

such disappointment in my eyes .

my failure , my disgrace , and my cold odie-ness

my crafty…


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There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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