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me reading this crystal ball

his intaitial are cb

so far I got it is a male coming through?

he was born between feb 20th and march 20 born on the 23

he is pieces he showed two fish in this ball. he is married saw bride with veil

he died  on  a wensenday on a  farm by the hey bales this was found by letter found and making words

when I asked his age he showed me the numbers 31

when he was killed by clan (LOOK to right of ball towards bottom you…


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Sarah twisted fate Night mare love chapter four.

Sarah woke up to Steve yelling about her not being home before he went to work. She thought to her self fuck off and die you rotten to the core beast of a man. Sarah's head with splitting open with a massive head ache . Her body was very soar and bruised for the beating she took yesterday , Sarah was in I don't give a dam mood. She was definitely hating men. She felt alone ad betrayed by human kind . Depression started to roar it ugly head and when that happens Sarah becomes a cutter on her…


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There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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