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When love touches us

When love touches you open up your heart and love them truly cause you never know when they will be gone .


My fathers birthday just past on the 6 and how I still long to have him hold me in arms . When we have lives we see all their faults , all the pain they caused us . we see the joy…


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about love

when I fall in love . I fall deeply and I get hurt so bad .

I felt they only wanted sex from me . they never cared who I really was .

shot down my dreams said mean things . some men even beat and raped me .

my three marries took me to the ground . I've been so angry since .

it took awhile before I lost it and went love crazy. I…


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Fear for what happen to me , calls in my ears . and I can not shake how scared I was of something trying to kill me last night . This all started with a ordinary day. I watched videos and slept most of the day . it was getting close to nine o clock at night…


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the way i feel today i want to rage the darkness in me

tic toc you drive me crazy .

things you put in my mind that I have never been like .

I fight to breath to see me .

triflin bitch jaded me .

but I'm reaching for the truth in me .

monster is not me . it's you .

Obsessed but what your thinking I can't find my real .

what I know is I'm going to get you out of head one way or…


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last night was soul touching

last night was terrifying has my brain was burning . it felt on fire .

where it was burning could of left me a vegetable .

the drs couldn't help me .

but Jesus did has he calmed my fears about dying .

I was afraid one of my dear family members would fine me.

I reached out to every one who has been in my life to tell them how much…


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What if you saw eletric colors surging in your body

what if you could see colors has bright has this shooting in your body

Before I taught my self about chromo therapy , I was surging white electricity into my brain when I slept  , This started to happen  after the awakening on December 3 2016 a round 4.00 pm.

I was taking a detox bath that afternoon . I was home alone but I knew something was in that…


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awaking is happening , a transistion

four a couple weeks I  have been growing higher with my insight  . This will be hard to explain , but i want to try my best

It  all started with detox  bath and it  has carried on to amazing healing energy of my body.

I dream in color electric pulse surging through my body . when I look out side I see the ground dancing . I've  have been coming closer to  cleaning, purging and detoxing  my body mind and soul  in a bath after purging . 

The shapes I…


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vanished soul

The dark came and took the light away

With it my soul trapped in insane

voice shatters the mere peace

Taking my mind higher into a nightmare scream

eyes show fear

body shakes

can't hold a rational thought, don't dare speak

can't sleep because there in the silence of night

 I Wake only to the fears in my mind…


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my gypsy cover diary

Vintage Gypsy Envelope Junk Journal

I got the idea from this . so I did my cover today .I am so in love with it . Cant wait to do the pages .…


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permid tarot

Arithmancy is the use of numbers and arithmetic for divination, much in the same way that Astrology, Tarot, the I-Ching and other methods are used to gather otherwise unavailable information by diviners throughout the world. While many Numerology techniques are based on the conversion of an alphabet to numbers, there are many techniques of Arithmancy that use numbers alone.

Since numbers are a universal language, we find Arithmantic methods all over the world. For instance, writing…


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loving my body

ive been missing treating my body for years . it time I start treating my body like a princess would



princess ameera al-taweel

for year I have put smoke Cigs and weed damaging my… Continue

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heavens help im stopping smoking

Willpower is an important part of any quit smoking plan. For many smokers, it is the only strategy they rely on!

Everyone has at least a little bit of willpower to get their quit journey underway, and every smoker will use their mental skills or strengths to some extent to get through nicotine cravings.

What is 'willpower' and how do you develop it?

When someone quits smoking cold turkey, they probably mean that they are quitting abruptly. They may also plan…


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A change came - Starting over

recently I broke up with my long time love . I have a chance to focus on me to achieve great self recognized abilities

for this I will be using the symbol of the butterfly.

What is the meaning of the butterfly? This animal totem is primarily associated with symbolism of change and transformation.

  • Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life, personality
  • Moving through different life cycles
  • Renewal,…

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Crystal touch of dark meet midnightcharmed

i made these video a while back in my darkest days…


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it has recently come too me that I have been depressed free for a year

I'm very excited that I conjured and master ways to over come manic depression .

when my journey started I was told by doctors I would never heal my depression I have a chemical balance problem.

I looked that doctor in the eyes and I told him I'm a healer of me been healing since I was a teen.

let me explain why they where afraid for me . . I have depression with suicide tenadies .



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love spell i breath you in

I breath you in with my every beat of my heart.

set me on fire bring the passions back alive in me.

I breath you in just…


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imbolic Tuesday feb 2

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 is Imbolic 2016. Imbolc or Imbolg (pronounced or ), also called (Saint) Brighid's Day (, , ), is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring.


February (Northern Hemisphere) / August(Southern Hemisphere)

Derived from the Gaelic word “oimelc,” which means “ewe’s milk.” Imbolc is also known as Imblog or Candlemas, and Oimealg by the Druids. For the Celts, Imbolc was the festival of the lactating…


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xmy new books

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Aries Tarot Forecast Reading for 2016

Aries Tarot Forecast Reading for 2016

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There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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