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im making over my room blog

I bought this frame and hot glued butterflies in it my first piece for my make over room…


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week 3 start weight loss

I weigh 190 would like to get down to 150 or 140

on the 17th I will start eating weight loss and exercise

breathing exercise

I failed at stopping smoking I got some more Chantix to try again on Monday 14th…


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52 week 2 week foot care

I have dry feet two callus

I use this …


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my 52 week make over (what im looking like now 1 week) hair and face

my starting point

this week I'm getting hair extentions to make my hair fuller

and I'm coloring it brown.

this is result after coloring.

this week working on face and hair.…


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What Is Ascension & How Does It Work?

Ascension in its simplest terms is altering consciousness from one level to another. In other words, ascension is the process of expanding beliefs that make up the base level of consciousness, to the point that a new reality is manifest.

Consciousness is after all comprised of the beliefs, thoughts, actions, and choices that form the tapestry of reality. When consciousness expands, elevates, and changes, reality cannot help but change…


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me reading this crystal ball

his intaitial are cb

so far I got it is a male coming through?

he was born between feb 20th and march 20 born on the 23

he is pieces he showed two fish in this ball. he is married saw bride with veil

he died  on  a wensenday on a  farm by the hey bales this was found by letter found and making words

when I asked his age he showed me the numbers 31

when he was killed by clan (LOOK to right of ball towards bottom you…


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Sarah twisted fate Night mare love chapter four.

Sarah woke up to Steve yelling about her not being home before he went to work. She thought to her self fuck off and die you rotten to the core beast of a man. Sarah's head with splitting open with a massive head ache . Her body was very soar and bruised for the beating she took yesterday , Sarah was in I don't give a dam mood. She was definitely hating men. She felt alone ad betrayed by human kind . Depression started to roar it ugly head and when that happens Sarah becomes a cutter on her…


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Sarah's twisted fate chapter four night mare love

Sarah could not keep Steve out of her mind . He always hurt her so much. When it came to his birthday she did up his truck with paint on windows to wish him a happy birthday . Steve was mad and made Sarah wash it all away. Then he did not feed her that day . She was so hungry and he didn't give a dam. He wanted her to surfer because he said she embarrassed him . Sarah hated  Steve so much she wanted him dead. Sarah new a guy that would kill him but she said no don't want to be in jail for…


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Sarah twisted fate chapter 4 night mare love

Sarah was tore apart about love. She could not be alone . She needed a man in her life . Sarah met a new Indian Mexican man . She thought he was the best of the world . But it was the worst of her life . He beat her and raped her for seven years before she could escape from the hell . Steve was twice her size black hair brown eyes . He had a temper that was of a death rage.  He would try to starve Sarah by keep food away . he shoved her around like a rage doll and took all of her hard earn…


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Sarah twisted fate chapter three Devoriced papers

Sarah Should not be so tore up about devoricing Russ because he was a mean drunk . In one fatal night he came home shoved Sarah against the wall . Sarah fought back and they landed on the couch. The couch tipped over and Russ landed on Sarah and started to choke her banging her head against floor . Sarah passed out and Russ left her for dead. When Sarah woke up she went across the street to get help because she did not have phone to call 911 .

The officer took Sarah to a Shelter for…


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sarahs twisted fate chapter 2

Sarah was asked to change her thoughts or leave the bar .So she called her brother for a ride home . Sarah new in her heart she was not happy and could not pretend she was .Crystal stay at the bar to come down from a few drinks she had so she could drive home. Crystal stopped drinking two hours before bar closed . With only having a four drinks she would be ok to drive by then if not she would call a taxi . Sarah's brother came quickly to get her. She asked her brother to find her some pot.…


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sarahs twisted fate chapter 2

Sarah was so mad about what happen . She started walking to her favorite friendly poly's bar. Sarah was ready to drink her sorrow a way. She could not believe that things went wrong with Russ . She was heart broken . She got to the bar fine .Sarah walked into the bar headed straight to Jerry the 25 year old  bartender .Jerry was black headed deep blue eyes pale skin , tall and muscle built .

What can I do for you today Sarah .I would like a tall glass of purple rain make it a…


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Sarah's twisted fate of life

Sarah thought about the loss of her delicate belly button ring . She thought how she could replace the pain . Flowers floated in Sarah's mind about a tattoo she wanted. Sarah was trading one pain for another. The only difference was she was in control of the pain from each needle piercing the soft skin . She thought about colors for petals that represent her most in life, the red would be for the passion she had inside, yellow for the strength to carry on ,and the blue flowers for the…


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spirit boards

i am so excited…


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moon chant

See the moon tonight

Smiling down on me

As I cast my circle of infinity

When the moon shines bright

Goddess calls to me

And I dance in the circle of her love

And I dance in the circle of her love

As a lady she tempt us shy with her light

She is modest and pure as she grazes the night

With all her translucence the mother smiles

The bright of her radiance and chants and regards

Shouting loud the crone slowly waits…


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affrimnation for money wealth

Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.

I was prosperous, am prosperous and will always be prosperous.

I always have whatever I need. The Universe takes good care of me.

My life is full of love and joy and all the material things that I need.

Prosperity within me, prosperity around me; abundance within me, abundance around me.



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afrrimnations for career sucess

  • Right now, I am working at my dream job.


  • I love my career as it gives me complete job satisfaction.


  • I love my career as it allows me to grow as well as makes me financially abundant.


  • I am able to balance my career with my family life so that both are in harmony with each other.


  • I am a valued person at my workplace and my voice is always heard…

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stop smoking affrinations weight loss affrimnations, eat right a affrimnations

I prefer life over death. I refuse to give over to smoking.

  • I cancel smoking out of my life.

  • I am smoke free and craving free from nicotine.

  • I love fresh air and abhor cigarettes.
  • Every day in every way the amount of nicotine in my body is becoming lesser and lesser and my lungs are becoming cleaner and…

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color black meaning pyscology

The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world.

In color psychology this color gives protection from external emotional stress.

It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self confidence.

Black is the…


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Karmic soulmates

•Karmic soulmates come together specifically for the purpose of teaching or working out an issue or blockage . They may be a soul with whom we have unfinished business or a shared trauma or need.

Karmic relationships can come to us as friends and family or enemies and oppressors or even as people just passing through.

One of the most interesting, yet baffling, things about life is that out of all the people in the world, a few fortunate ones will touch our lives in a special…


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There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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