My roots came from you. I was born to you .
didn't you think of the price I'd have to pay to be your daughter.
These roots are planted deep .
Daddy do you know what your roots have done to me .
Every day I fight to breath and cheer up me .
Every day I'm chasing these bi-polar moods and the Dr's are cutting right through me with their news .
Daddy I cried to today lost my breath fell into you.
My heart is tired and I'm only 44 .
It's getting real hard to breath knowing there is so to fix and heal .
I'm a fighter a strong go getter
If ya'll only new I 'm studding the brain .
And of course I prayed to God to fix this .
I fight so hard every day for my life to heal .
to one day be off meds .
to change everything in my head .
Dam this one big fucking root
Gramma daddy and me still love you ..

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