i believe our souls are always changing so its a good i deal to check in once in awhile . Last night when i saw the beauty in my soul for the first time i saw so much more from them words on poem . it took along time to come to place a lot of tears anger and pain. I'm a soul worker so it is easy to open doors with my healing . and some healing just falls into place like it did last night . it was a great self-esteem life changing gift I could ever give me . All my life felt i need to fix and change things in me to fit this world . the voice screaming at me I'm crazy no one likes me . everyone hates me that was  until when I reached out  and found my soul looking back in my new friend . when  I saw her  I knew I could love her like I love my self  then voices saying .I'm not good enough cause I don't have a man or children . well I got something to say about this God gave the perfect life for me . I'm not  smart enough cause I have no logic took me deeply and still looking into that . that's the healer in me  ,I'm weak I'm not  strong enough because I keep braking me. well the braking lead me to see me . You know that voice inside that sometimes you cant shut out and it hurts you so deeply .

Well last night it shut up and I was able to accept me for who I am completely .It was not what the world saw of me .It was not what I thought I saw in me .  it was the truth of me that came pouring out . I loved it all .When i saw my true  soul for the first I found peace and acceptance . this is something we all want in life to be accepted . Kindness could go this was .When I accepted my self I caught my self saving accept my moms moody today lol . real peace . acceptance in its purest form . I have spent for years healing damage that was put on me . it hasn't been easy .For the first time i feel freedom to except me all me . I feel the healing has gone for now  . What joyful still  day . My heart is at peace for  me has much has it can be  .I'll never stop changing and growing revolving, I wouldn't want to change that know matter how crazy it seems. One thing I know is I will always love me , cherish and hold me ,inspirer me and  bring me up to the light in my darkest days . There is so much that can  hate  you down in life its time  to put a end to that and love our self truly conditionally with out that voice that won't shut up . hug and care for your self . I do it every day and the inspiration and love and excitement I find with it. beautiful . I'm my hero  .knowing and excepting is the best love you can give yours self . hug your self day ,

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