i painted my nails and a message came love divination

Today I was checking my nail polish to see what was old I had not used it in long time . I played painting and designing my names in many colors I washed has much has I could of because I also designed a couple of fingers with roses . I'm no artist to remind you but I had a lot of fun. on the fist set I began to read a bit into the pictures that where being created .
Then I simple washed off has much has I could.
I got back on the computer decide to paint my nails again with design . not being very good at I created the number 235 and some runes

f fehu (fay who ) cattle wealth success abundance increased income possession , happiness financial gain. cowboy heaven

Perthro- vessel cup change hidden information truths secrets

algiz- all geez elk protection awakening defense higher life connection with the gods

othala -oath- awe-law property inherited property possessions aid in physical and spiritual journeys ancestral home land .

Mannaz - humanity , mankind awareness , the self knowledge collective conscience of humanity

Then the number 235

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