darkness has fallen on this gypsy heart.
Things are being showed in my mind that I can not control .
I know these things aren't me .
But they still effect me .
my heart grows week and my mind becomes a daze .
the shadow voice begin to play like a broken record.
My reason fades the fight or flight soars hi
I can't escape ,
I feel loss of hope
I beg for relief
I cry I try to make it stop
but the haunting intrusive thoughts make me plead .
only to end up in sanity .
I pray so hard
my heart bleeds has pounds right out my chest
I fight for air
its here at last anxiety has arrived .
I'm losing me
I'm drifting deeper into the fear .
Days gone on like this
no sleep I am the walking dead .
Then I white light comes and saves me .
There is hope the pavilion is near
The first day I'm there great meds help me sleep
second day I find peace
I can finally breath .
the best part is I don't have to die for peace .
and that means I finally want to live this is a big healing step for me
because I was the suicide attempt queen .
This time the shadow did not beat me

I'm back to being thank you meds 

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Comment by wildfire on July 1, 2017 at 11:29am




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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