ive been missing treating my body for years . it time I start treating my body like a princess would

princess ameera al-taweel

for year I have put smoke Cigs and weed damaging my lungs
I don't know if I can fix it but being a healer I'm going to try

for years I've put junk into my body eating fast foods no more.

I drank my early years and Ive drank a lot of cokes in my time no more

this year is about getting healthy and staying healthy.
its going to take a lot of work but its so worth it .

these are the changes I've made so far
I stopped smoking ( for today I started being a non smoker )
I take my vitamins ( hair growing yea )

I wanted to show my favorite glass I just bougt see the butterfly . love it . the smoothing is with black berries with coconut milk and blueberry yogart

I replaced cokes with coconut water loving it but can be expensive

and I started eating right no junk food yea for me.

this is just a start I have along ways to go . but I'm dedicating 2016 to really foucus on my health

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Comment by wildfire on February 4, 2016 at 10:17pm
Not smoking today was easy I guess it was in my mind about being happy about stop smoking . yea for one day success
Comment by wildfire on February 4, 2016 at 12:05pm

today I made oat meal bannas slice, yougart, gronal ,bannas its so good and healthy



There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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