On-line friends are soo different than "real" friends. There is the air of mystery, wondering what kind of person you are friending when you accept their request. You have the mystery of wondering if you send a request, if the person will accept or deny and why.  Some will be a click, some will be a mismatch, but it is always interesting. You will discover there are a lot of people who have your likes or dislikes, know something you want to learn, or they want to learn something you know about. Then, there are people who come from different places, far from you and you learn from them that way also.  I just think there is so much to learn this way too. And some who believe it or not, because I still don't believe it myself, that you will become personal friends with.  I just want to say bottom line........ I love my on-line friends!  Blessing to all of you!

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Comment by valerie admin on November 26, 2014 at 11:17am

yep and back atcha! I do connect more to people on line and most of my closest friends are on line and I love y'all!

Comment by valerie admin on November 25, 2014 at 7:47pm

Comment by Pixie on November 25, 2014 at 7:10pm

And I love you too Val ,my dear on-line friend & sister! Great blog and says much of the same as I think and feel. Over the years I have become very close to my on-line 'family'! Many know me better than just about any one in my 'real' world,are always there for me in so many ways-to be supportive in difficult times,to share laughter, insightful quotes,photos,vids,comments,memes,shared interests,shared petitions to protect animals & their habitat as an example,fun or deep though conversation and most importantly..much Love! I am deeply connected to some that I could not and don't want to ever imagine NOT being a part of my life!  Many Blessings ...                                                                         I LOVE my tribe *smiles* xo



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