Sarah thought about the loss of her delicate belly button ring . She thought how she could replace the pain . Flowers floated in Sarah's mind about a tattoo she wanted. Sarah was trading one pain for another. The only difference was she was in control of the pain from each needle piercing the soft skin . She thought about colors for petals that represent her most in life, the red would be for the passion she had inside, yellow for the strength to carry on ,and the blue flowers for the healing road she would be on for a life time .Sarah thought about the dragonfly totem how it carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. The dragon fly symbol would be close to her left curvy hip and the winding lines between each flower reminded Sarah of life paths . How roads we take wind and turn leading us somewhere good or somewhere bad.

Sarah laid back on the soft black top table exposing her thin belly so that Tom could start a really good flower tribal tattoo .Tom was a forty five year old man with  gothic style tattoos from head to toe . His appearances did not match his personality. Tom was the type of person who would help anyone in need. He was not a tough not give a d*** person. Tom volunteered to help the homeless and abused . Has Tom started the tattoo, Sarah went into her mind engulfing the pain has the first flower of blue ink pierced her soft tender skin .  Sarah felt the blood dripping down her tight tantalizing belly, She thought to her self this blood pours for all the hurt I have stored. Sarah thought ill turn this darkness into beauty . I will not hurt no more.

Has Sarah laid on her back she thought of how her lover betrayed her. she thought about all the goodness she shared with him and he just slap her in the face with deception of doing another woman in his life. Sarah hated the fact that she was alone . She hated the fact that she could not keep her love from harm.Sarah's life has been where men has come and gone .Sarah never could find a love to stay past the  new lover's high .Sarah began to wonder why she was not enough ,and fierce rage began to  boil inside. "I give all to my love. I play his sexual games and I take care of our place. I do so much to please him. It's not fair Russ did me this way."

The smell of burning skin was not enough pain for Sarah . She was soar but it didn't compare to the pain in her heart.
Sarah was broken because she was betrayed by Russ's love and she couldn't understand if he loved her how he could brake her heart like that. Russ was married to Sarah for 6 years . He was a Tall and skinny cold  brown eyed man . Russ as a cook who worked long hours. Sarah started to notice that Russ had not had sex to Sarah in 6 months . Sarah chalked it up to him being really tired and just needed to rest after long days at work. That was Sarah's first clue that something was not right in the love nest but she didn't want to think about it. Russ had a very high sex drive and had sex several times a week.

Sarah had it in her gut that something was wrong but she could not talk to Russ about what she thought  he was doing. Sarah emotions started to go wild and her sadness began to grow . Sarah felt so alone because intimacy was lost with her husband. Sarah thought to her self I'll fix this . I'll help him fall back into love with me. I'll plan a special dinner and I get a sexy nighty . This will be amazing romantic dinner. Russ favorite food was chicken fried steak and Sarah like to add a special garlic season to the chicken fry . She thought it was so tasty .

The day finally would be here when Russ would be arriving home very shortly . That day Sarah would regret. Russ came home and confessed all of his sins about cheating with  a waitress Sheryl . Sheryl was a tall, thin, short  brown hair, and big doe brown eyes cutie.  Sheryl had two small dimples one on each side of her checks, when she smiled and walked into a room she was noticed .

Sarah had a pretty good ideal who Russ cheated with. Sarah saw Russ flirting with Sheryl at the restaurant  and they worked a lot together . Sarah felt so  betrayed so angry. How could you do this Russ do you have no morals . I thought you loved me. .  

Sarah mind replayed  this conversation over and over again in her head .The tattoo just faded away and she did not feel any pain . Tom was about to finish the last  of the dragon fly and Sarah tat would be completed . Sarah came back into reality and asked Tom how much do you have left to finish up . I'm finishing up now Sarah. All done Sarah do you want to look in the mirror to see the results . Sarah loved the tattoo she really liked the baby blue lily flower.  She wanted the words born to heal under the flower.  The red lily she wanted the words fire in my eyes on the top of flower. the yellow flower Sarah wanted the words under the flower to say strength not forgotten. We can do that but first you should heal this tattoo Sarah . Tom I hope it wont belong I really want these words to make my tat really pop. I will see you in month Sarah you should be good to go by then . Thank you Tom I'm looking forward to seeing you again.  Sarah left the tattoo shop very much proud of the Work Tom did for her.


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