Sarah's twisted fate chapter four night mare love

Sarah could not keep Steve out of her mind . He always hurt her so much. When it came to his birthday she did up his truck with paint on windows to wish him a happy birthday . Steve was mad and made Sarah wash it all away. Then he did not feed her that day . She was so hungry and he didn't give a dam. He wanted her to surfer because he said she embarrassed him . Sarah hated  Steve so much she wanted him dead. Sarah new a guy that would kill him but she said no don't want to be in jail for life on death row. Just let it be and he will die one day .Steve will surfer in hell . 

It was walking on egg shells till Sarah met John who was 25 years older than her. she became his mistress whore but he gave her money so she could eat. She thought it was ok for she needed help in so many ways. Sarah ended up being with John for four years . She was nothing more than a play mate .It ended when John held Sarah down and did her hard in the anal hurting her so much. She could not believe he would do her that way . oh she wanted him to pay . Sarah wanted to call Johns house and tell his wife what he has been doing . She wanted to tare him apart like it felt in her ass.  John also spanked Sarah till she bruised . He said that's what whores gets .Sarah stood up and slap him has hard has she could and ran out the hotel room.

Sarah was at her  end she drove to he favorite canyon and planned to run her car of the cliff but the Canyon was closed that day . So they say the heavens was looking out for Sarah but I think it was because her twisted fate was not over yet. Sarah met a man on the net and went to see him. Sarah after all this time cant sleep due to that meeting . Don a sadtist man knocked Sarah over the head stripped Sarah bare and tied Sarah's entire body up with ropes . When Sarah woke up he was hanging her hands high on the top door frame so she cold not escape . Sarah was on her tip toes when the beating started . Don beat Sarah with everything he had . Whips, paddles, glove, hands and  rope .Sarah was in shock after a hour and a half of Don beating on her . Don let Sarah go and made her perform a blow job on him . Then Don said you better leave  before we do it all over again. Sarah got the hell out of there and stated walking back to her car which was three blocks away in shopping mail parking lot . Sarah looked in the rear view mirror at her shoulder ,it was hurting her so bad .When she seen hand prints of the glove over and over on her shoulder she began to sob . Then she got really frightened!, if Steve sees these marks he will hurt me worse.

Sarah ran to her favorite canyon and kissed her favorite tree thanking the heavens she was release. Sarah was in deep shock eyes big has doe's . she couldn't hardly speak and her body wouldn't stop shaking .Sarah wanted to run has far has she could to get out of Texas  but she was dead broke. Sarah does not know how long she stayed in the canyons but it got dark before she left. Steve was not home when Sarah got there . she was relieved when she looked at her back the marks started to fade away but her butt was deeply bruised all over  and Sarah could hardly sit. Sarah was still shaking by that time .So afraid Steve would find out . Sarah got a bottle of wine and some cherry berry pucker and got drunk. Sarah drank till she passed out 

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