Sarah twisted fate chapter 4 night mare love

Sarah was tore apart about love. She could not be alone . She needed a man in her life . Sarah met a new Indian Mexican man . She thought he was the best of the world . But it was the worst of her life . He beat her and raped her for seven years before she could escape from the hell . Steve was twice her size black hair brown eyes . He had a temper that was of a death rage.  He would try to starve Sarah by keep food away . he shoved her around like a rage doll and took all of her hard earn money . Steve was a s-o-b that she could not stop from hurting her. He slapped her so hard leaving bruises she would have to cover up. Steve would kick her has hard has he could knocking her to the floor. Steve tossed a remote between Sarah's eyes once making a cut and a huge knot, then he shook her hard like a rag doll then forced her into the bedroom where he rapped her. Sarah would try to leave but he would threaten her family and animals.Steve was a control freak. He controlled Sarah's every move.

Sarah would run to Her Grand dad telling him of the hurt . Her papa would tell her leave him baby. Walk away . She say papa I've tried he always comes after me dragging me back home with threats or promises . Sarah's grand dad was the greatest man she had ever know . So kind caring and loving. Sarah could tell her papa everything . Her papa became the father she never had . Grand dad taught Sarah so much like fishing and camping , Gardening and building things. Papa even taught her to cook.

Sarah new she would have to escape Steve leaving no trace . The opportunity showed it self in fetal rage. Steve hurt Sarah bad during a sexual act . He crammed her head so hard into the couch she could not breath . Steve pushed so hard on her back it broke a rib .By the time Steve got done with Sarah she couldn't walk with out it hurting so bad . Sarah had to go to the emergency room . When Sarah got home She told Steve i could of pressed charges on you for sexual assault . Steve back Sarah into the wall and started to walk round her side to side putting his hands close  to Sarah  like he was fixing to hit her. Sarah saved her life by repeating over and over again you touch me and you will go to jail . You touch me and ill call the cops .Steve let Sarah go and shoved her down the hall yelling get out.Sarah grab her animals a fled has fast has she could . She new she could not go to her family instead she called a friend in a different town. Who lived far in the country. When Sarah arrived  she was in bad shape and still walking badly. it took Sarah three weeks before she could walk again. Sarah called her mom and said i can't  tell y'all where I'm at but I'm okay .Sarah was afraid to leave the house looking like she was. So Sarah colored her hair and wore glass . She would make fast trips into town for food only . Sarah stayed hidden from the world for four months .Then the news came that Steve was living with another woman and she knew she was finally free.

Sarah stood in her kitchen that night cooking her meal suddenly she hit the floor and started crying uncontrollably . One thought came over Sarah I'm free to choose whats right for me . The thought of making her meal for her self was so life changing that Sarah once getting off the floor crawled into bed where she stay for two days crying. Sarah had not Cried in along time and when she did it was like flood gates opening up .Sarah was starting her life over and it was frighting to her . She had made so many mistakes with men . Sarah wanted her dad but he died when she was five Sarah cried for baby Sarah She cried for woman Sarah And she cried for all the loss in her life .When the two days ended Sarah started putting her life back together.

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