Sarah twisted fate chapter three Devoriced papers

Sarah Should not be so tore up about devoricing Russ because he was a mean drunk . In one fatal night he came home shoved Sarah against the wall . Sarah fought back and they landed on the couch. The couch tipped over and Russ landed on Sarah and started to choke her banging her head against floor . Sarah passed out and Russ left her for dead. When Sarah woke up she went across the street to get help because she did not have phone to call 911 .

The officer took Sarah to a Shelter for abused woman. Sarah felt so out of place and trapped by the tall metal fence and the locked doors. The cold lifeless room was more than Sarah could take . Sarah wanted out of that place. Has Sarah stared in the mirror looking at the bruises on her arms and feeling the 6 knots on her head she began to cry. The redness on her neck made her thank the heavens she was alive , that she had survived the night. The morning came and Sarah needed to go to work . The people working at the shelter asked Sarah to put on A hoody before she went out the door . Sarah felt so a shamed .She new in her heart she could not return to this place. So after work Sarah went home. Russ had not come back home. Sarah new he had went to his moms in Oklahoma . Sarah was relieved she was by her self she need time to think.

Russ came home a few days later. No words of sorry was exchanged . They went on with their lives like nothing happened . Russ did not want to live in the house anymore . He had plans to move back to Oklahoma . Sarah once again was moving. It was the ninth time that year Russ had moved them. Sarah was depressed and felt all alone she had no one to turn to Sarah's mother was tired of coming to get her only for Sarah to return to Russ in week. Sarah felt helpless lost. She became numb . Forgotten by all she became the lost one.

Sarah had many stories of fatal twisted nights . Stories of Rape ,abuse and death since she was four. She new has I told her story each one would unfold into the fright. Sarah's only words to me was make sure they know I survived it all. I told her I would do her story right. The world would know of her twisted fate and the peace she found in the end. How she made her life turn out into light.

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