Sarah was so mad about what happen . She started walking to her favorite friendly poly's bar. Sarah was ready to drink her sorrow a way. She could not believe that things went wrong with Russ . She was heart broken . She got to the bar fine .Sarah walked into the bar headed straight to Jerry the 25 year old  bartender .Jerry was black headed deep blue eyes pale skin , tall and muscle built .

What can I do for you today Sarah .I would like a tall glass of purple rain make it a double Jerry. Wow Sarah is everything ok. No jerry its not I'm having a really bad day . Sarah walked to the karaoke machine and played I'm like a bird by Nelly Furtado She new every word and sang along on the karaoke machine .She song her heart out and tears began to flow . It took her inside about Russ . the song said everything she knew inside . she new he would one day fly away The next song she choose was how could the one I gave my heart to by Aaliyah . Sarah voice sounded much like Aaliyah . And the part how could you just walk out the door and not love me anymore tore Sarah's insides apart . Dam you Russ she thought . Dam your cheating ways . how could the one I loved brake me in two half of my soul.

Sarah finished the first double and went back for another by that time her friend Crystal showed up. How are you doing Sarah I just got your text it said you need a friend so bad so I came running has soon has I could. Thank you Crystal would you like to get a drink I'm having purple rain . What is in that Sarah ? vodka, raspberry liqueur, blue curacao, lime cordial, and cranberry cocktail. It was Sunday and it was call it you way for two dollars a drink and Sarah had hundred dollars to spend on them .  She wanted Crystal to get has drunk has she would  so they could talk about there problems and cry together. The bar would be pile up busy soon it was close to six pm . Sarah wanted to let lose but the pain it brought so much rain in her soul that she felt like she was drowning. you know Crystal I just cant find my grounding . I feel so lost beneath the shadows . My heart  ache more than a life time and I'm only turning thirty four . It's going to take time Sarah when Bill cheated on me I felt the say way but I moved on after a year of sorrow and hated men . I could not fall in love till I met Harley now I'm happy ,safe and blissed this to shell happen to you . No Crystal I will never fall again , I will never let  man tare me apart again. Give it time Sarah your so young to give up on men. We just picked the wrong type again. Gulp down went the second drink and Sarah was still not feeling the drink to numb her pain 

The bar tramp went to the  Karaoke machine and started singing Unfaithful by Rihanna Sarah wanted to punch her in the face . Dam Crystal said what a bitch . I cant believe her no respect for the shattered hurt . Jerry I need another drink make it stronger I don't care how much it cost. Sarah stood at the bar counter and drank that one really fast. give me another You should slow down Sarah this drink come upon you fast. Sarah just smiled and thought I can drink anyone under the table But she was wrong by the time she walked back to the table she was swaying side to side getting dizzy has the I'm drunk takes over. lets  change are drink Sarah how about a shot of cherry berry pucker and a spirt. that's fine Crystal . Crystal walk to the bar and order two shots . You know Crystal I made a new shot called bubble gum dream would you like to try it . Sure Jerry will take two and two sprits . it will be eight dollars Crystal no problem here is a ten keep the change Jerry . Crystal walked back to the table . She saw the single tear drip down Sarah's cheek and she new it was time to listen to her friend. To let Sarah pour out all her thoughts  but Sarah suddenly became tough and mean. I don't need a man . Sarah headed straight for the juke box and played every man hatting song she could fine. Sarah really brought the people down in the bar they began to get has sad has her.

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