Sarah was asked to change her thoughts or leave the bar .So she called her brother for a ride home . Sarah new in her heart she was not happy and could not pretend she was .Crystal stay at the bar to come down from a few drinks she had so she could drive home. Crystal stopped drinking two hours before bar closed . With only having a four drinks she would be ok to drive by then if not she would call a taxi . Sarah's brother came quickly to get her. She asked her brother to find her some pot. She needed to smoke and calm down . her ta started to get tender and was bleeding a little bit .Her brother said I have some so e rolled a blunt . Sarah began to tell her brother what Michael had done. I'll make him pay said Justin her brother But Sarah beg Justin not to hurt him. She said karma will come back on him . Just wait and see.

The night speed by has Sarah drifted into mind. She was so stoned but the pain finally faded away. She started to think about where her life should go from there. She had no goals or even cared. She was so deep into sorrow that fate new depression would raise its ugly head . She was so lost in despair .Sarah new if the tears where to come they would never stop. And soon after that thought she hit the floor and brought her knees to her chest and the tears flood like the red river. raging emotions of cries came out . her words whisper why me heavens don't you love me any more.

By this time Sarah was at home her mother Carrie tried to hold her daughter but Sarah shoved her mother a way. I'm Done for , I'm cursed in love my heart will never be the same . The tears flowed until Sarah's eyes where red has blood and swollen . She cried so hard an held her breath for long time. Breath Sarah breath please breath Carrie was franick . Sarah's soul was dying and a cold hearted oddie was being born . Sarah said I'll never fall for a man I'm going lesbian

She called her cousin Janis take me to a gay bar . Janis was a heavy set , short brown hair lesbian . Some would call her a dike . Janis didn't care she was so in love with her lover .them two dressed up Sarah and took her bar hopping in the gay bars . Sarah could not find in it her heart for any one. So her cousin took her to her lover friends. They called Heather . Heather was a tall pretty blonde with legs to seventh heaven she had a one year old daughter name heaven. Sarah really liked talking to Heather and they ended up hooking up that night. The next day Heather came to see Sarah but Sarah felt so Ashamed . She new she was not gay and she had to let Heather down gently. Sarah felt so bad for the way she acted ,the bipolar had sat in that night and she could not take back what she had done.

Sarah's bad luck would start from there. Everything Sarah did slapped her back in the face. She did find a job but it came and went fast . Another one opened up but again it did not last. Sarah's bipolar was ruling her life and it got worse when the divorce papers came one night..

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