Born in darkness

Children of light

Protectors of life

Keepers of knowledge

Children of the stars

Born to guard and guide

Those around them

Caretakers of life

Born of the stars

They are a ray of light

 To pierce the darkness

Of life and lead people

Along a path of learning

They are givers of compassion

Bring hope to all who they meet

And healing those around them

They are children of the stars

Every living thing carries

A part of a star inside them

A piece  of a star crystal

The seeds of the stars 

Some shines brightly 

Others barely shine

But they are apart of us all

For those who have become 

The children of the stars

Are those who are aware 

And embrace the seed crystal

Which resides with in

They are the children

We desire to fully embrace 

The light inside them

For they are truly children

Of the stars


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