Her first words where I love the way your strong on living . you don't give it up . You try to inspiring your self all though there is not much in your life cause your waiting .

When she said this the song wild horses came to mind

So many thoughts came to my mind . I begun to prey .I pleaded for help for the heavens to help me find a job . I need to fix my car so I preyed for help for heaven to send some one to my way to help . then imagined a door opening any many people came to mind that maybe could help me .
I was so happy cause that means I could find any hour of the jobs . Then my life would change so much . I could go to college for a art therapist .
I would be like crafty no one else has done . I'm so glad I'm a spiritual mystical soul crafty person.

later on has I was making so many dolls Sarah brought to my mind how I always protect the people I love . she is so right about that so I began charming the dolls to protect the ones who got them .

Sarah is happy I made her she is sitting and watching me write this
There is two more dolls coming .
I'm going to embrodier them for there dress's Yes their both girls one for my early years and one for my teen years

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