In today’s fast paced lifestyle inundated with manipulated media there is a longing for a easy style with healthy alternatives. We look at the stars and find a peace there so far away and in this dream scape we begin to understand the bliss of nature. This has been a philosophical opinion through the ages and in the writings throughout all time. It has been referred mainly as to light of god. This light is not only a reference but is a constant physical occurrence in our lives. In our body there is a chemical electrical landscape in an inner ocean that has trillions of connections that turn into light as the body regenerates in a majesty of nature.

We have a Central Nervous System that most replicates that of a fish and within we are composed of mainly water that is filled with salt; so we are in an inner sea where light is produced which is energy.

It is this energy that is the basis of health and the energy comes from the minerals and vitamins we consume and it is propelled by activity to build and reduce in a function of our metabolic function and with our spirit we ascend to a wisdom of what purification that the ancient sages and religious leaders exclaimed by fasting and prayer. The purer the connections are the more efficient the transmissions that regenerate our body and this improves our spirit and therefore is Spirit Energy.

Yoga with its many direction exercising poses stretch ever part of our body which distributes the nutrition to all these parts is the best way to achieve total body health.
This process includes breath control that delivers the needed element for combustion
and the clearer path is achieved by increased respiratory functions aided by breath manipulation called Pranayama or Vital Force, Breath of Life and many other accolades from the healthy breath your body receives. When you are sedentary it refers to the nutrition that is stored in your body is not used for inner flame of calorie burning creating muscle and strength. This function can not only make you strong but produces natural energy that heals. Physical therapy works because they instruct exercising the injured part. If you had done yoga these parts would be strong for the stress you exert. Like the knee, shoulder and lower back, there are multiple Asanas that directly affect these areas. Whereas other exercise plans miss ares and the yoga gets to them. In addition the breath control and its many aspects include deep breath while performing the position and holding the position simultaneously brings strength with an inner fire extended for maximum strength.

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